The Benefits of Using a Dog Seatbelt

The Benefits of Using a Dog Seatbelt

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Putting on your seatbelt is probably the first thing you do when you get in your car, but have you considered the importance of a dog seatbelt?

The majority of pet owners travel by their dogs unrestrained in the car. This happens because they don't realize all the benefits some of the best dog seatbelts offer. Plus, they don't realize all the detriments that can come from not using one.

This article discusses dog safety and how investing in the best dog seatbelt can save you and your dog from serious consequences. Continue reading to find out how a dog seatbelt can save your dog's life.

What is a Dog Seatbelt?

A dog seatbelt is just as it sounds, a seatbelt intended for dogs. Traditional seatbelts are ineffective in restraining a dog in the event of an accident. This is why dog seatbelts were designed.

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How Do They Work?

It's hard to expect a dog to sit in place with a traditional seatbelt wrapped around them. So, dog seatbelts are designed to cause minimal stress while providing maximum dog safety.

The best dog seatbelts still work with your existing dog accessories. For example, if you have a traditional harness, it is likely compatible with most dog seatbelts. 

Dog seatbelts have two different attachments at each end. The first one has a traditional bolt snap attachment that you find on most dog leashes; the other end has a seatbelt latch. The latch is inserted into the seatbelt buckle while the bolt snap is attached to a harness. 

Finding the right dog seatbelt online can be tricky. When you buy a dog seatbelt, make sure it's either the right size for your dog or easily adjustable. 

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What are the Benefits of Dog Seatbelts?

So, now you know what a dog seatbelt is and how it works. However, you might still be wondering why you should even get one. 

The decision to buy a dog seatbelt comes with many benefits, including increased pet care and overall dog safety. However, a dog seatbelt can increase safety in other ways, too.

Less distraction

Operating a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. That's because there are so many factors to keep track of. This includes knowing where you're going, other drivers, road conditions, and more.

The number of distractions for drivers increases when they have passengers, especially if that passenger is a pet. In fact, 60% of pet parents report driving distracted due to having their pets in the car. 

Ideally, dogs and cats are kept in a crate while traveling, but this isn't always an option. This is why some pet owners allow their pets to explore the vehicle unrestrained, but this can be dangerous.

Drivers are likely to take their eyes off the road due to pet distractions. This includes attempts to escape, barking, or blocking side or rearview mirrors. If your dog is confined to one seat, they are safer, and you have fewer distractions.

Reduce Nervous Pacing

It's natural for dogs to get nervous in the car with the high speeds and unexpected turns. When they are in between stumbling from a sharp turn and sticking their head out of the window, they are likely pacing.

Some dogs will walk back and forth between passengers or car windows to get a better look at the next car over or the cow on the side of the road. While it seems like they enjoy the stimulation, it's likely causing them a lot of anxiety.

Dog seatbelts provide a greater feeling of security for your dog. Once the seatbelt becomes part of their routine, they will benefit from knowing that they have a safe place in the car during every trip. 

No Window Jumping

Most dogs love sticking their snout out of the car window when you're rolling down the highway. It's also hilarious to see their lips flapping in the wind.

As cute and funny as this part of a car trip is, it's also dangerous. Most pet owners believe that their dogs will never jump out of the car window. This is probably because they've been on more than a dozen car trips with no issues. 

However, it only takes one instance for things to go wrong. This is why a dog seatbelt is a great pet care product. They are long enough to allow your dog to sit and lay down comfortably but short enough to make sure your dog stays inside of the vehicle.

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Restrained in an Accident

The idea of a car accident is anxiety-inducing, especially when we consider what could happen to our pets in the process. 

Your dog can receive serious and sometimes fatal injuries during a car accident. This includes injuries from deploying airbags, falling out of the car window, being thrown around the vehicle, or being ejected from the vehicle. 

Taking the step to buy a dog seatbelt online can save your dog's life and minimize their injuries in the event of a car accident. The strap will keep your dog in the vehicle and keep them from being thrown around the vehicle.

For this reason, we recommend attaching the strap to a harness as opposed to a collar. This way, the strap is pulling on the harness and not your dog's neck.

Get the Best Dog Seatbelt

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If you want one of the best dog accessories that can save your dog's life, you need to consider getting a dog seatbelt. It's easy to assemble and attach to your dog's harness.

Plus, the benefits involved with buying a dog seatbelt are extensive. It will save the driver from distraction, reduce your dog's stress, and keep your dog in the vehicle in case of an accident. It's a win-win for everyone.

If you want to up your pet care game, get the best dog seatbelt today by visiting our website. 

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