Benefits Of Bathing Your Pet

Benefits Of Bathing Your Pet

According to vets and experts, if you do not bathe your pet, they could get seriously ill because of unhygienic conditions. The most common pets, cats and dogs, need your special care, and you must bathe them frequently to help them get a happy and healthy lifestyle.

With bathing, you increase the quality of life of your pet and remove the chances of diseases; you also increase their life expectancy. Bathing is when you strengthen the bond with your pet and know more about their body and the chances of any existing unnoticed disease.

But before exploring the benefits of bathing, let's explore the steps of how to bathe the pet like a professional.

How to bathe your pet like professional groomers?

Professional groomers use water and almost the same products that you use at home. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to make your pet look cute and clean. You can make your puppy neat and clean with the help of the right tools and techniques.

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1.      Brush before bathing

This might be new to you, but professional groomers do it to remove dirt and matted hair from the pets' coats. This method allows them to shake off all the loose hair and make your pet light and happy. Our bathing massage brush ensures all the loose hair are removed and fulfill the purpose of grooming your pet dog comfortably.

Animals are emotional beings, and when you give them a massage through a good comb, you help them stimulate good hormones in their body. The brushing will make the pet comfortable and ready to accept water whether they like it or not.

2.      Use specialized shampoo

The shampoo is necessary to remove the dirt and dust from their coat. The pet-specialized shampoo is the best you can do for them. If your pet has allergies, medicated shampoos are best for this situation.

When you shampoo their hair, please give them a good massage. This way, your pet will feel comfortable and enjoy bathing. When you make bathing a rewarding thing, the pet will love to do it repeatedly. The shampoo helps you make bathing a perfect massaging treat.

3.      Dry and brush again

You can use a towel or a blow dryer to dry their hair. After that, brush their hair off the entire body minimum of two to three times. You will remove the remaining particle and water and lose hair from their body. Any particle with loose hair will cause severe itching.

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Pets use their paws or teeth to scratch their body. Excessive scratching will result in redness and skin infection. It is good to use a good quality brush before and after bathing to get groomers' like results.

Benefits of bathing your pet

You can bathe your pet according to their routines and needs. If the pet spends more time outside or gets smelly a week after the bath, you can adjust the time. No matter how often you bathe your buddy, the benefits are a must.

a)     Bathing cleans the undercoat

Everyone knows that when you bathe your pet, they get clean. But the real benefit of pre and post-brushing with bathing is that their inner coat gets clean. If you have a pet with a long coat, there are high chances of dirt and soot under their coat.

This dirt, if not cleaned, will increase the chances of an itchy sensation. With pets, you cannot take the risk of allowing them to scratch their skin with nails and teeth. Their razor-sharp claws and teeth will make bruises on their body.

When these bruises meet with the dirt, the chances of infectious diseases become multifold. Regular brushing and frequent bathing will remove the chances of skin infection, allergy, and baldness.

b)     Strengthens your bond

Your pet needs your time and attention more than you think. All animals have emotions, and their body has a hormonal system that works somewhat the same as ours. When you spend time grooming your pet with the brush and bathing, you are making them realize that you do care for them.

The bathing time together will make your pet realize the relationship, and the communication will increase the strength of your relationship. Many pets accept the owners only when the pet parent spends time cleaning their body. Shower and brushing increase the secretion of good hormones in the pet's body, and you will have the most beautiful relationship you always wanted.

c)      You can monitor your pet's health

Sometimes you learn about the mites and ticks when the situation has already gotten out offhand. But when you give your pet frequent bathing, missing this menace becomes almost zero. The mite and ticks stay hidden under their hair, and even if you have a single coat pet, the ticks are difficult to find.

With regular bathing, you also get the chance to look at their body weight, changes in their shape, or any anomaly in their body. When you find out any difference, consult your vet right away.

Never remove ticks with your hand because, this way, you will be squishing the infectious liquid from their body back into the pet. Use special tools or take professional help to remove these parasites.

Fewer allergies for you and your pet

When you bathe your pet, it is evident that you are removing the pathogens and other harmful agents from their body. It helps them fight allergies and infections. But, bathing is also necessary for the safety and health of your family and other pets.

When you provide frequent bathing to the pet, their body becomes free from disease-causing agents. With frequent bathing, the dander and small hair also get removed from their body. Many people are not allergic to pets; instead, they are allergic to dander. Bathing helps in this situation, and there are fewer chances of getting allergic.

e)     Reduced shedding

Shedding is the most annoying problem when it comes to the pet. If you don't want their hair on your body, bed, and sofa, you need to take corrective measures in time. The best measure to prevent hair from ending up in different places is to use a comb and get them before they get loose.

The bathing allows you the power to remove the semi-loose hair from your pet's body. When you use water and shampoo, the hair that will get off their skin after a day will come out of the root without pain. Your pet will feel light, and you will be delighted when the shedding is under control.

Softer coat

The rough coat is difficult to manage for the pet parent, and it gets matted and becomes a real problem for the pet. You can solve this issue by regularly washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner. You don't need to go for expensive products. Consult your vet and get specialized products that are within your budget.

These products will help your buddy have a soft coat that is easy to manage and make your pet look cute and cuddly. The more beautiful your pet looks, the more fulfilled you will feel. It will also make your puppy happy when you enjoy cuddling and rubbing the soft coat.

Over to you

Bathing is the most important thing for your pet, and you should take it very seriously. You don't need to take your pet to the groomer every week. With the help of a good brush, you can make your pet clean and happy. Brush their coat before and after bathing, and you will have a happy pet with soft hair. The brush will remove the loose and dead hair and reduce the chances of skin allergy and infection because of excessive scratching. 

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