How to Choose a Paw-Some Collar for Your Furry Friend

How to Choose a Paw-Some Collar for Your Furry Friend


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Pets are a cornerstone of most families. 67% of households in the US own a pet which loosely translates to more than 80 million families. This means our furry pals have become more important than ever.

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When it comes to owning a dog, ensuring they receive the best care, food, and accessories is a must. A dog collar is a safeguard your pet shouldn't be without. 

Unfortunately, choosing the perfect dog collar isn't always easy. Read on below to check out our shopping guide to help you find the right collar for your best pal.

Why Your Pet Needs a Dog Collar

If you're a dog lover, a great collar is a necessity for your pet. Many people use dog collars to give their furry friends a bit of style. With the many options available this is easy to do.

Another reason your dog needs a collar is safety. When walking your dog, a trusted collar makes it easier to control your pet while also keeping him or her safe from harm.

A dog tracking collar is quite useful for pet owners. If your dog happens to be an escape artist, being able to pinpoint their location makes getting them home both quicker and safer.

Dog Tracker

Taking a walk at night can also be quite dangerous for pets. With a light-up dog collar, you can avoid worries about drivers being unable to see you and your pet. When taking a long walk in the park, other walkers or joggers can spot you and keep from trampling you or your pet.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The first thing you should do before buying a dog collar is to measure your dog properly.

Having proper measurements makes it easier to train, control, and walk with your dog. If they feel uncomfortable in their collar, they are more likely to give you issues and avoid training efforts.

When shopping for a dog collar, you may see sizing charts. You can't always follow these charts. Your dog may be small in size, but the small collar could be too snug according to their body type.

Using a soft measuring tape like one used for measuring fabrics is ideal when trying to learn your dog's size. This will give you a great measurement while being comfortable for your pup.

Keep in mind, when measuring, the two-finger rule. Any dog lover has heard about the importance of being able to place two fingers between their dog's collar and their neck. This ensures your dog has enough room for both growth and easy movements.

Types of Collars to Choose From

When you are ready to buy your pal a dog collar, you'll find there are tons out there to choose from. Unfortunately, not every collar is a great fit for your pet. 

If you're ready to find the perfect collar for your dog you should do is decide the kind best suited for your needs.

According to your level of activity, you may need a dog collar that is able to aid your dog in keeping up with you.

Leather Collar and Leash


Collars made from flexible materials are ideal for active dogs and humans. These collars are designed to move with your dog while you run and play.

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a dog collar is style. You may want to show off how stylish you and your pooch truly are. Try grabbing a dog chain collar, a dog bandana collar, or a bow tie dog collar to give your pet the bling they deserve. 

Cotton Dog Bandana

Buckles and Straps

Dog collars have different buckles and straps designed to keep them in place properly. If you want to grab your pet the best collar available, pay attention to how they fasten.

Whether you want a basic collar or a flashier one, ensuring they stay on is key. For many of us, however, we prefer shopping online to visiting our local pet store. This means you must rely on customer reviews to help you find the sturdiest collar available.

Yes, many dog collars use plastic buckles. This isn't ideal for larger, heavier dogs. If you deal with a dog that likes to tug and pull when walking, less dependable buckles and straps may break easier.

Nylon Leash

When using a new collar for the first time, always keep an eye on the buckles and straps for the first few uses. If you see signs of strain or wear quickly, then the collar is most likely the best fit for your dog.

Not All Collars Are Safe

Like with anything, not all collars are completely safe.

When buying a dog collar, you should know the hazards certain kinds present. Choke chains, pinch collars, bark collars, and shock collars are all popular but can be quite dangerous.

Each of these dog collars should only be used under strict supervision. With the possible hazards they potentially present, use your best judgment when deciding whether these are ideal for you and your pet.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Once you have the perfect dog collar for your pooch, amazing accessories are the next step. 

Any great collar needs identification tags. These tags are used to provide easy access to your dog's important information. If your pooch is lost, those who come to their rescue can immediately contact you to reunite you with your furry friend.

Stainless Steel Name Tag for Dogs

Reflective lights are another ideal accessory. If you were unable to purchase your pooch a light-up collar, then adding reflectors is the next best thing. 

The last but most important accessory is a dependable leash. When training a dog, a leash you can trust is imperative. Choose a leash that is thick enough to handle your dog's weight while offering you comfort on long walks.

The Best Shop for Pets

If you're ready to grab your furry friend a paw-some dog collar, we have you covered. Our selection of dog accessories and toys will give you a wide range of options to choose from. 

Browse our catalog to see everything we have to offer. Our goal is to ensure your pet has only the best.

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