Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Up After Your Dog

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Up After Your Dog

We all love the innocence of our pets. We love the way they look at us, the way they play with us, the way they cuddle with us, and above all, their unconditional love. However, there are times when our furry friends can bring about a bit of a mess for us. Wrapping up the 'poop' is one of the many chores that dog owners need to take care of. Here are some reasons why cleaning up after your dog is important.

Top 7 Reasons To Clean Up After Your Dog

1. It’s a social obligation

If you haven't had to clean dog poop from the bottom of your shoe, good for you. No one wants to be in that situation but there are many people who unfortunately have been put through that experience. Dog poop pollutes rivers and lakes and contaminates our drinking water with bacteria and parasites. Leaving it on the ground without bagging it up in a responsible manner is inconsiderate not only to your community but also to yourself.

Stepping in dog waste can ruin an unsuspecting person's whole day or even worse, make them ill and at greater risk for parasitic infections like roundworms. It's a simple common courtesy that we take care of our animals responsibly and of course, pick up after them.

2. It’s against the law

Many communities require dog owners to clean up after their pets. For example, it’s common for homeowners associations (HOA) to prohibit unsightly droppings on the lawn in front of the house on any given lot. It’s also not uncommon for neighborhood covenants and contracts to have such requirements in place. Even though a neighborhood itself might lack these rules or regulations for governing community standards.

While an HOA may or may not ever be where you live, many cities and counties do have laws relating to cleaning up after your pet in public spaces. So whether you live in a city or suburban area, all dog owners should take note of such municipal codes and respond accordingly. Because it’s not only about making sure your pet stays healthy but also that communities are kept clean and habitable for everyone involved.

3. It causes environmental pollution

In actuality, the Environmental Protection Agency describes that there are two types of pollutants in dog waste pathogens and nutrients. The dog poop people throw in the street or the park could be carrying (or spreading) certain pathogens which can make people fall ill if they happen to swim or spend time by a lake that's contaminated by dog poop.

Also, when washed into nearby streams and waterways, dog poop may stimulate algae growth, making this substance grow very quickly and essentially die while polluting the water in question making it unsuitable for fishing, swimming, drinking, and more.

4. Dog poop is not a fertilizer

There is a common misconception that dog poop is a form of fertilizer but it is not. While dogs are omnivores and therefore should have meat in their food, the meat in their diet also needs time to digest as a living organism. If you're letting your dog's business sit out, you're more likely to fascinate flies and they will not only lay their eggs on it but it can also become a feeding option for rats.

Dogs also tend to contain harmful bacteria which can contaminate nearby water sources. When it rains it contaminates water sources because the groundwater runs into streams or rivers via the drainage system.

5. Dog poop smell really bad

You've probably noticed that there is some dog poop lying about in the park, on neighborhood lawns, and on public walkways. It may not seem like much but when there's too much stool and not enough space, and you take a deep breath you will feel a lot of smell. Your relaxing afternoon can also be ruined by dog poop on the road. So whether you're in a dense neighborhood or an isolated urban jungle it's your duty to pick up after your dog.

6. Dog poop can cause diseases

The bacteria and viruses found in dog waste can be a big risk to your health. Just how sick you become depends on how many pathogens get inside your body as well as other environmental factors like your overall health and immune system.

However, you need to know that some of the diseases one can contract by stepping in dog droppings include parvovirus, salmonellosis, corona virus as well as giardiasis, campylobacteriosis, and cryptosporidiosis not to mention several types of worms. Some dogs don’t display symptoms at all but their waste could still carry harmful germs.

Dog poop can stay in the soil for so many years. If you do not pick up after your pup there is a danger to everybody's life due to harmful viruses and bacteria. Children and gardeners who play outside are at most risk of contamination. Sometimes it can appear as if there isn't much effort required in preventing bad habits so no one puts in an effort because they don't think it will be worth it.

But if everyone would demonstrate little effort towards making their neighborhood a better place to live, we might see a real difference around us.

7. It can disturb the wildlife population

When you are in some jungle, be it domestic or foreign; always ensure that your dog is safely restrained with a leash so that roaming wildlife isn’t disturbed. Remember always that when you take your domestic pet anywhere the outdoors there are risks involved concerning the health of flora and fauna, which also means we should never forget our responsibility to pick up its waste products wherever it may go whether it's on our walks or just outside of its home.

How To Dispose of Pet Waste?

When it comes to disposing of pet excrement, there are a couple of options that you have. You can bury your pets’ poop or flush them for example. Burying the waste away from other living things can certainly help limit odors and keep your property clean but it does mean it is something you will have to tend to at later stages unless you want to risk having your pets dig up their poop again.

By flushing your pet's excrement, you are technically doing the same task - disposing of the excrement differently. The difference between burring and flushing is that when you flush, you must make sure that the waste becomes destroyed thoroughly to not affect landfills.

When you go out for a walk always keep a foldable poop scooper along with you. Poop scoopers are key for those pet owners who love bringing their four-legged friends along for the ride. Why worry about how to pick it up when you're out on a walk thanks to this handy pooper scooper? This compact and foldable scoop makes cleanup quick and easy for any pet parent on the go, so don't leave home without one.


It is sad to see many people who are not caring for their dogs properly. They don’t clean up after their dog when they go to the bathroom and leave their pet’s waste behind. Not only is this unsanitary, but it is also harmful to our environment. We hope this blog post has helped you understand the importance of cleaning up after your dog.

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