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Dog Hair Removal Brush

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Dog Hair Removal Brush

Although dogs bring so much joy into your household, they also bring a lot of hair. Their fur and dander on your couch, car, and bedspread are very unsightly. This is why you need our hassle-free dog hair removal brush. No matter what surface bears the brunt of your dog's fur, it helps you clean it. Browse our site to find the best dog hair remover brushes and other dog accessories for sale.

Best Dog Hair Removal Brush

Features of Our Dog Hair Removal Brush

Fine Micro-Bristles

Our dog hair removal brush has quality micro-bristles that remove dog hair from couch and clothes in few quick strokes.

Remove Dog Hair From Couch

Effective Fleece Force

To remove dog hair from a bedspread, our brushes are coated with a static-charge material. This forces dog fleece out of your surfaces.


If you travel with your pet, our brushes are convenient to remove hair from your car.

Buy the Best Dog Hair Removal Brush

Get a pet hair removal brush from Dog's Love Store to efficiently remove dog hair from your couch or car. 

Pet Hair Removal Brush

It also works on cat, human, and rabbit hair.
Buy it now - Limited amount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kurt Moen

Works well, good quality and arrived in less than 3 weeks to the states

Gavin Jacobi

Very good product that does its job well, received in France in 11 days, I recommend

Otho Leannon

I love it! Quick to use and very easy, remove the lint and balls from all garments and leave them as new, the order has arrived very fast, in about 9 days I already had it at home Great!! The first photo is how the garment with balls was, the second photo is the repaired garment, the third one you see the two parts together. The garment was new.

Gianni Harber

Remove hair and lint from the sofa, use with resistant or upholstery fabrics, avoid delicate garments, jerseys and blankets. As it is in the image. Fast shipping

Clotilde Morar

This gets all the dust and pet hair from the corner with ease. I love this product!!

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