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Dog Jacket with Harness

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Dog Jacket with Harness: Waterproof, Comfortable, and Safe

Dog jackets not only make your beloved furry friends look good but also help them feel warm and comfortable during harsh weather. But many dog coat designs are impractical and impossible to use with a leash. Our dog jacket with a built-in harness makes it easier to control your dog during walks. Browse our catalog for quality dog accessories.

Dog Jacket With Built In Harness

Dog Coat with Harness: Features

Thick Padded Dog Fleece

For proper insulation and wind protection, our dog winter coat with harness offers maximum comfort and warmth.

Dog Coat With Harness


Our dog harness jackets not only keep your dog warm but also dry. The waterproof coat doesn’t get soggy, protecting your furry friend from snow or rain.

Dog Winter Coat With Harness


Made of strong lightweight material, the dog coat doesn’t weigh your dog down during walks.

Dog Jacket Harness

Built-In Harness Design

Designed with a built-in harness, our dog jacket ensures you can walk your dog with any type of leash. It can bear the strong pulling strength.

Dog Coat With A Built-In Harness

Buy Quality Dog Jacket Harness

Get a dog coat with a built-in harness from Dog’s Love Store and ensure they’re safe and warm during walks.


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